Harns Marsh

Harns Marsh is located in the eastern portion of Lee County located off of Sunshine Blvd. 100_4682in Lehigh Acres. In the early 1980’s, LA-MSID transformed the 578-acre farmland into an active stormwater facility helping to filter water and reduce flooding to the Orange River. The water control structures have helped create a lush habitat for snail kites, limpkin and more than 140 species of animals.


“The abundance of wildlife at Harns Marsh creates an exciting opportunity for individuals to explore the beauty of southwest Florida,” said David E. Lindsay, LA-MSID District Manager. “It is important for visitors and residents to understand the vital role water quality and conservation plays in keeping our comm20160130_083955unity and environment safe.”

Harns Marsh is an active stormwater facility and the District may limit access to Harns Marsh at any time to perform necessary maintenance, etc.

Harns Marsh is open for passive recreation and public exploration, from dawn till dusk, or unless otherwise posted.  Harns Marsh is not a park and there are no facilities on site. 

The District asks that you be responsible stewards for our natural environment while visiting the area. Vehicles must be left outside the gate.

Directions: From Lee Blvd. head north on Sunshine Blvd., turn left on Olive Ave. N. and then turn left on 38th St. W. and continue to the Marsh

Harns Marsh Brochure – LAMSID