Permit Applications and Fees

The special legislative act dissolving the East County Water Control District (“ECWCD”) and creating the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (“LA-MSID”) was approved by the Governor on June 10, 2015. Therefore, all motions, resolutions, and other documentation or references relating to the District should now refer to “Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District” instead of to “East County Water Control District.”

A permit must be obtained by any person, company, corporation, association or governmental agency desiring to connect to, cross (under/over), place structures upon, or otherwise make use of the lands and/or drainage/water management facilities of the District.

Issuance of a permit by the District is simply an acknowledgment that the specific use of Public Land, as requested by the Applicant, is proper and conforms to the requirements and standards of the District.  Permits convey no property rights nor any other rights or privileges other than those specified in the permit.

A permit must be obtained for any new or improved (1) commercial (2) industrial (3) multi-family projects and any new or improved (4) single-family parcels greater than one acre. For reference, please view the District Map.

Permitting Policy:

View LA-MSID’s full  Permitting Policy 2015-09

LA- MSID’s Permitting Policy – Decks, Dock, Piers 2015-09

Permit applications may be obtained at the District office or by clicking on the following forms:

LA-MSID Permit Application-09-10-2015

LA-MSID Temporary Permit App. 2015-09-21

LA-MSID Temporary Water-Use Permit 2015-09-21

LA-MSID Temporary Permit-Form-2015-09-21