Maintaining Our Rights-of-Way

The rights-of-way are entrusted to the LA-MSID by all that pay assessments to the LA-MSID. These areas make it possible to monitor and maintain our waterways, especially during tropical storms and hurricanes.

Nearly all of our rights-of-way border residential property lines; it is the responsibility of residents to be aware of where their property lines end and LA-MSID’s rights-of-way begin.


For LA-MSID employees to successfully maintain the canal rights-of-way, we need the help of local residents to keep these areas free of encroachments.

What is an encroachment? An encroachment is any obstruction in a right-of-way.

The rising level of encroachments threaten to delay  proper maintenance of both our waterways and rights-of-way.  Encroachments can have a harmful effect on our environment, but are often preventable. LA-MSID encompasses rural, residential and commercial areas, so it is important to not that  riding recreational vehicles on the rights– of –way is prohibited and may cause damage to these much needed maintenance areas.

Types of Encroachments

  • Environmental Encroachments – Refers to trees, flowers,  plants, dirt, and/or  yard waste which may find their way on to the District’s rights-of-way.
  • Non-Environmental Encroachments – Refers to the disposal of garbage or construction debris; the construction of pools, fences, sheds, un-permitted docks and other structures; and the parking of vehicles on the District’s rights-of-way.