Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement (LA-MSID) District preserves and protects water reserves through drainage, conservation, mitigation, navigational and water management practices in 70,000 acres of land in both Lehigh Acres and the western portion of Hendry County.

LA-MSID currently maintains 311 miles of canals, 20 lakes, 360 culvert crossings, 22


bridges and 66 watpptslide_sep06-rever control structures. LA-MSID maintains 1298 preserve acres as well as 578 acres of Harns Marsh—a major retention/detention area.






District Boundary Map

District Map

Detailed District Map

The special legislative act dissolving the East County Water Control District (“ECWCD”) and creating the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (“LA-MSID”) was approved by the Governor on June 10, 2015. Therefore, all motions, resolutions, and other documentation or references relating to the District should now refer to “Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District” instead of to “East County Water Control District.”

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